Furrie ClassesEdit

Furries, unlike humans, have evolved differently then most. They have had thousands of years more to evolve then Humans have, and have increased Speed, Health, Strength, and Intelligence. Instead of going in the way of Destructive Warfare, they have gone in the way of Old Magik, and Cybernetics.

Old Magik is from the days of the creation of their race. Much history was lost during those early years, but the wisdom of the Old Magik still continued on. Old Magik consists of numerous types of magic, with different Status effects, and different outcomes.

Cybernetics is the outcome of the combining of Old Magik, and technology. It has increased the possibilities of Magik and abilities and stats tenfold.

Furrie Classes are as follows.

Warrior: These furries are the strength of the force, having devoted themselves purely to combat, and have left Old Magik behind. These beasts have used Cybernetics to change their organic bodies, into near pure machine. They are hulking beasts of destruction, near unstoppable. They have lowered Intelligence, but pass it off for Extremely High Speed, Health, and Strength. Their Special ability is Adapt, which allows them to adapt their cybernetic bodies to the conditions around them. This strengthens their body, and gives a larger stat boost to Speed, Health, and Strength. It also gives a large stat Boost to defense.

Weakness: Human Classes, that have a subclass based on Computer Skills, are able to, if they have enough experiance, hack into the body of a Warrior via wireless linkup. Using this technique, a single human can turn the tables in a battle.

Magikat: These furries are those who have devoted themselves fully to the art of Old Magik, using only a small amount of Cybernetics to enhance their magic ability and power. These are the Status and damage inducers of the Mage Class, only called into battle once the opposing side has been weakened. They can use their magik to enhance their allies, lull their foes to sleep, or burn them to death using powerful spells. They have extremely high Intelligence, but low Health, Speed, and Strength. Their special ability is Magik Overload. Overloading the cybernetics in them, they create a surge of magik that enhances their abilties with magik tenfold. Sadly, after the the overload has run its course, the Cybernetics must either be removed from the body, or risk becomming dead weight.

Weakness: The Magikat class has very little defense. A good shot from a sniper will take out the mage in one hit. The only problem is, getting a shot past their Warrior bodyguards.